Extra Wide 80cm Exercise Mat
Extra wide sized mat
Ever tried to do a press up on a standard sized yoga mat? Impossible! However, this extra wide mat allows you to comfortably perform all exercises on your mat without getting your hands dirty!
Karma Fitness Mat Thickness
2.5x Thicker than a standard yoga mat - Custom double layered material
Our 10mm thick mats are 2.5x thicker than standard 4mm yoga mats. We custom designed this double layered TPE material exercise mat to provide athletes with the perfect combination of support and stability.
Eco friendly - Made from non-toxic, recycled & biodegradable materials
All our mats are made from versatile compounds that replace rubbers and PVC during the manufacturing process, making them safe for our human health and sustainable for our environment.
Karma Fitness Mat - Diamond Texture
Diamond texture providing superior grip whilst remaining waterproof
We've custom designed this diamond texture which provides grip in every direction. Due to the closed-cell technology this mat remains sweat and water proof for indoor and outdoor use.
Comes with FREE carry straps - Take your mat to all your workouts!
Adjustable carry straps remove the hassle of having to use a carry bag or rolling up your mat and pinning it under your arm. Travel easily with the carry straps already included with your mat purchase!
Strong and Flexible Fitness Workout Mat - Extra Wide
Extra Thick Workout Mat
Extra Thick Exercise Mat
Extra Thick Yoga Mat
Extra Wide Workout Mat
Extra Wide Fitness Mat
Workout Mat
Extra Thick Fitness Mat
Exercise Mat
Karma Fitness Mat
Portable Mat
Exercise Mat Rolled Up
Reversible Dual Layer Exercise Mat
Yellow Exercise Mat
'STRONG & FLEXIBLE' Thick Exercise Workout Mat - Extra Wide
Grey Exercise Mat
'STRONG & FLEXIBLE' Thick Exercise Workout Mat - Extra Wide
Blue Exercise Mat
'STRONG & FLEXIBLE' Thick Exercise Workout Mat - Extra Wide
Red Exercise Mat
'STRONG & FLEXIBLE' Thick Exercise Workout Mat - Extra Wide

'STRONG & FLEXIBLE' Thick Exercise Workout Mat - Extra Wide

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The ideal workout mat for all athletes

Why choose the Karma Fitness mat?

  • Our mat is custom made for workouts
  • 2.5x thicker than standard yoga mats
  • Extra wide size - perform all exercises with ease
  • Custom double layered TPE compound material to provide cushioning & stability during workouts
  • Textured diamond design for superior grip
  • Waterproof closed cell material - sweat and rain proof
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Easily cleaned and deodorised with our Mat Cleaner
  • Eco friendly - made with 100% recycled and biodegradable material
  • Allergy-friendly - free from plastics
  • FREE carry straps - take your mat with you to all your workouts

Dimensions: 183cm (Length) x 80cm (Width) x 10mm (Thick)