Karma Fitness Karma Gun - 6 Speed Settings
6 Speed Settings
The Karma Gun has 6 speed settings. The lowest setting is perfect for those sensitive areas with thin layers of muscle tissue, whereas the high settings are perfectly suited to a deep tissue massage on your back and legs.
Karma Fitness Karma Gun - 4 Massage Heads
4 Massage Heads
Comes with 4 different massage heads (round head, flat head, fork head, bullet head) for you to massage muscles in every part of your body, effectively relieving muscle stiffness, soreness and pain.
Karma Fitness Karma Gun - Quiet Operating Noise Level
Ultra Quiet
The 40db Functioning noise level is as quiet as a whisper! Allowing you to relax and watch a movie whilst getting a massage. For comparison, a conversation usually takes place at 55dB.
Extra long lasting lithium-ion battery
With the built in 2200 mAh litium-ion battery you can get up to 4 hours use from a single charge.
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KARMA GUN - Muscle Massage Gun (2022 Model)

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Why choose the KARMA GUN?

It is simply a great value massage gun that ticks all the boxes!

The Karma Gun beats the high end competition for a fraction of the price.

    • 6 variable speed settings
    • 4 multi-functional massage heads included
    • Extra long lasting lithium-ion battery (up to 4 hours use time)
    • Ultra quiet functioning noise level (35dB - 50dB)
    • Small and compact for easy storage
    • Easy to operate with one button only
    • UK mains plug and CE Approved